We Are In This Together And We Are Here For You.

During this time of surreal and trying circumstances, Sundance Media Group stands ready to support our clients, friends, and agencies who have utilized our services, or are considering our services.

We have suspended all in-person training until April 17, and will re-evaluate our stance at as that date approaches.

Per Federal recommendations, we urge anyone not directly involved in First Responder services to stand down and maintain the recommended social distancing, isolation, and hygienic practices as put forth by the CDC and National Institute of Health.

We have collected various sites that may be of benefit to owners of small businesses.  Below you will find updated information, tips and advice to help walk through this current and unprecedented global COVID19 pandemic.

The record of unemployment is the highest it’s been since World War II.  Our friends from MoneyGeek have summarized a few tools to help those in need as we walk through the “new-norm”.

Resources for Laid-Off Workers
Coronavirus Unemployment in Each US State and Local Community Resources
How to Refinance your Mortgage
How to Find the Best Car Insurance to Lower Your Monthly Bills
How to Pay for Coronavirus Healthcare

Read more about their forecasts on their website here.

This doesn’t mean that UAS pilots, program managers, and organizations need to be entirely grounded.

These coming days are an opportunity to catch up on what’s happening in the regulatory side of our industry, and we have a few specific recommendations that will benefit aircraft and programs around the globe.

We also urge our friends to read the CompTIA standards guide.

This is a good time to open up the UA cases and sort through cables, accessories, and supporting products. It’s a great time to review pre-flight checklists and Policy/Procedures/Operations manuals to determine if your practices are relevant, safe and efficient, and current.

We also recommend any or all of these actions:

  • Clean the hull/fuselage of any dirt, mud, sand, grass stains by wiping down with a microfiber cloth dampened with water or plastic-safe cleaning solution
  • Checking screws, connectors, or fittings on any landing gear for tightness, cracks, or other landing damage
  • Checking gimbal for smooth motion while powered down, cleaned of dust or foreign matter such as grass, weeds, or other FOD
  • Inspecting props for nicks, heat damage, storage damage (particularly check spare propellers that haven’t been used yet/in a long while
  • Draw/discharge batteries down to storage level per manufacturer recommendations
  • Vacuum out the storage container to clear dust, foam grains, and other debris that may find its way into your motors or gimbal
  • Ensure all hull/fuselage areas are free of cracks, screws tight, sealed
  • Ensure motors are free of debris, dust, or other foreign matter
  • Some UA require lubrication for the motors, most do not. Use internet resources to determine if your UA requires lubrication for motors, and apply as recommended by manufacturer.
  • Update software for UA, gimbal, batteries, and ground station controller to latest firmwares/softwares. This is an FAA mandate per AC107-2
  • Clean camera sensors (if you have removable lenses)
  • Clean camera lenses, filters, etc. Determine if you’ve been carrying/storing filters in the best manner to avoid scratches and dirt
  • Check remote sticks for calibration/properly zeroed out
  • Clean switches, joysticks, etc with plastic-safe cleaning solution
  • Wipe down any screens on ground station control
  • Clean any connections on ground station control
  • Check ground station control for dirt, mud, grass stains or debris
  • Sanitize ground station control with plastic-safe sanitizer
  • Log any maintenance in your UA maintenance logbook (per AC107-
  • Update any personal logbooks
  • Read a training guide and apply for a 107.29 waiver
  • Read our book on UA for Real Estate
  • View online training to keep up on what others are doing, and learn from the best practices of others.
  • Learn a new software application such as Pix4DMapper or Pix4Dreact
  • Email SMG about our online training or SOP review services.

Thank you to all our supporting partners!