Sundance Media Group ALSO provides Drone Services!

Our Instructors are also active in the field with customers!  Drone services include aerial photography, videography, aerial public service support, aerial security, and even post-production services if you need it.  Our team has years of experience editing photos and creating cutting edge videos no matter for a variety of end purposes.

  • Film Production
  • Real Estate
  • Construction (pre-site inspections, job site management & project reviews, post-construction maintenance)
  • Aerial Security
  • Journalism
  • Vertical / Tower Inspections
  • Solar Inspections
  • Insurance Inspections
  • Aerial Thermal Imaging
  • Search and Rescue (SaR)

We love aerial photography, cinematography and sUAS technology and we are legally able to fly in many restricted areas.  We have many waivers available for our remote pilot team to ensure the you get your aerial image.  With airspace waivers in class B airspaces nearly nationally, and night waivers nationally, we can offer you a unique view!

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