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Audio for Interviews and Corporate Production

Thu. October 18| 3:45 PM – 5:00 PM | 1A08/1A09

Audio is 70% of what the audience SEES and, in this session, we’ll go into the various tools and techniques for the best-possible audio. We’ll look at shotgun vs lavalier mics, hypercardiods on a boom vs omni directionals in a studio environment, how to minimize and eliminate background noise for post, capturing everything you’ll need for great post-ready audio for best production sound possible without asking your client to spend an arm and a leg. Taught by a Grammy recipient and Oscar nominee Douglas Spotted Eagle, this is a very popular session in the production world.
Who Should Attend:
Anyone with any relationship to audio in any form will benefit from this session. Whether you know one end of the microphone from the other, this session provides useful information for newcomers and veterans alike.

Program: Post|Production Conference NYC

Session Topics and Tracks: Production Techniques

Registration Package: NY Post|Production Conference