What you can’t see can hurt you.

Large events require a large security footprint, and sUAS (drones) are a significant force multiplier, increasing situational awareness, speeding response times, and may be used to direct traffic in a specific direction in the event of an incident. Providing a cost-effective, silent eye-in-the-sky, sUAS are a significant addition to any live event or large area that requires security.

Augmented by thermal cameras, automation, 180/VR cameras, or simple manual flight, sUAS may be flown in the shadows at heights that do not disturb even the most intimate events, and allow for overwatch that is unobserved from the ground, day or night. Coupled with our aerial operations center, our systems are plug n’ play, as an augmentation to existing security solutions or as a sole solution in a secured environment.

Pre-programmed, walking speed flights of a perimeter provide  observations of gatherings or dissipation of crowds indicating a possible change of state in a given area. Onion skins of areas allow security operations to determine new vehicles in an unauthorized area, or removal of vehicles post site lock-downs, indicating undesired and potentially threatening changes to a secure area.

Security perimeters may be saved for repurposing at later events, saving time, reducing cost, and aiding in the planning of perimeter security well before the event occurs.

The SMG Aerial Security solution centers around our Aerial Vehicle Operations Center which can support as many as four simultaneous aircraft in automated flight, and two manually flown aircraft with a variety of payloads ranging from standard RGB cameras, night-vision cameras, bullhorns, thermal cameras, and conceal/control devices.
The AVOC is self-contained with two generator systems and battery backup, and can be connected to a 110, 15 amp shore power system.  The AVOC is rigged for night operations, and features video distribution for up to four live camera inputs sent as a single or multi-image to a primary or secondary command/security operations center.