A.V.O.C  Aerial Vehicle Operations Center for sUAS Operations

A.V.O.C.  (Aerial Vehicle Operations Center)

Introducing Sundance Media Group’s latest addition to the sUAS toolset.

This operation center is a mobile command unit designed for public safety and field sUAS missions requiring on-site support for any sUAS mission.

The AVOC is outfitted with technology tools as well as practical field requirements:

  • Power by shore or generator;
  • Battery charging station
  • 2 computer systems for data processing
  • Cradlepoint WiFi access system
  • Weather station / monitor
  • Storage for UAVs
  • FoxFury lights
  • Red light outfitted for night operations
  • Full first aid station
  • Other safety equipment (Vests, Hoodman landing pads, hard hats, etc.)

Outfitted with everything needed for longer ON-SITE sUAS missions, the AVOC helps increase project productivity as you bring your command center with you, allowing data processing on-site while remote pilots continue to collect data.

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A video introduction to the A.V.O.C.

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